Painting Like Klee?

Desert sfw

“Desert” – A picture based on some designs obtained from Deer Stones – Pendle Hill

This is not about visiting anywhere physical but in a way is still visiting somewhere. This might sound a bit strange but becomes clearer when you look at the accompanying picture. This afternoon I have been delving into abstracts.

 This is my first blog post and I could have written about any of a number of nice places visited recently but today its been abstracts. Why you may ask? Well I have a workshop running in Blackburn on the 27th of April and need some material for people to see (details are on the news pages of my website – I also wanted to try out some techniques and some different papers as I want to paint on mountboard and I have just got some very interesting laid paper. Klee often used a brown/fawn background and these papers nicely reproduce that effect especially when using gouache.

 Klee used a line as a plane division to great effect while also using changes in colour to produce an additional plane division. All good stuff but requires some playing around with. Combine all this with some images from Egyptian artefacts that I have gathered from my trips as well as some local stuff (new age symbols from the 70s) photographed and sketched at Deer Stones (on the side of Pendle Hill) last week and we have a real mix going on. Well several pictures later and I was pleased with my afternoon’s work even if it looks like the product of a disturbed mind!

  I will write about nice places next time – promise


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